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As VDWS kitesurfing school we offer different
courses for beginners and advanced students.

  • Intensive and individual supervision by experienced and licensed VDWS/ IKO teachers
  • Small training groups (max. 2 students/ 1 teacher)
  • Absolute practical orientation
  • Modern training methods, individual analyses
  • High level of safety, boat rescue
  • Newest training material from the current model year 2020 from Duotone, Flysurfer and Brunotti
  • The necessary equipment for your complete training is included in our courses
  • We teach in the languages german, english and french
  • The club is authorized to issue VDWS kitesurfing licenses

Trainings & Prices

Try out

  • 1 – 2 Persons
  • 3h
  • Group (max 3.)
  • + Area briefing + Construction and Setup of the kites + Flight school with soft kites on the beach + Water unit + Steering&relaunch of the kite + Power&depower + Downwind bodydrag

Beginners course

  • 1 – 2 Persons
  • 7 h privat
  • 9 h Group (max 2.)
  • + Area briefing + Introduction to the different kite systems + Flying school with a soft kite on the beach + Takeoff and landing + Controlling the Tubekite in the water + Upwind&Downwind Bodydrag + Relaunch of the kite + Release of the safety systems + Waterstart/riding technique

Refresh/advanced courses

  • 1 – 2 Persons
  • 4 h
  • 2 Persons (160€ / p.P.)
  • + Review of the basics + Steering of your kite + Upwind&Downwind Bodydrag + Relaunch + Waterstart + Crash control + Hold upwind and win some + Tacking&Jibing Technics + Body position + Feeling safe

Privat lesson

  • Individual Trainnig
  • 1 h
  • 1 student - 1 instructor
  • + Most intensive form of training + Fastest possible learning progress + Hold upwind and win some + Tacking&Jibing Technics + Jump control + Body position + Freestyle training + Waveboard training + Hydrofoil training

Kitesurf – try out course


In this first unit of a kite beginner course you will get a good impression of the trend sport kitesurfing. During the kitesurf try out course you will get a first introduction to the kite equipment and its function in 3 hours. Assembly and disassembly of the kite as well as the handling of the control element and its safety functions are taught as basics. With a flight training on the beach you will get to know the wind window in which the kite can be flown and you will practice the first flight manoeuvres with the kite. Afterwards we go into the water, where we practice the power and depower of a kite as well as controlled steering in addition to launching and landing.

With many exercises you will gain more and more control over the kite, gain self-confidence and therefore a good preparation for the following days in the kitesurfing – beginner course.

Try out course 130 € / p.P.

Kitesurf – Beginner course


The beginner course, which consists of 2 sections (taster course 3 hours & following 3×2 hours units) has a total duration of 9 hours. We start with the try out part to get the basic knowledge and techniques. In the following units you will learn how to fly and control the kite safely as well as the waterstart and controlled starting and riding with kite and board.

After the course you can acquire the VDWS kitesurfing licence (book, exam and licence 35€ p.p.).

Beginner course 300 € / p.P.

Kitesurf – advanced/ refresh course


No matter if you just want to finally do the water start, keep your upwind position or learn a jump or new jibing technique, you can take this course module in a private or group (2 people) setting. The focus of the advanced course is to check and improve on what you have already learned and to help you progress safely in kitesurfing.

Under the supervision of our experienced instructors, you will definitely come back from this course model as a better kitesurfer.

Advanced/ refresh course  200 € / p.P.

Kitesurf – Private lessons


This form of training in kitesurfing is the most individual course module. Here you can coordinate your learning goals with your VDWS instructor in detail. Ideal to make further progress or to learn new moves or tricks.

In coordination with your personal goals in kitesurfing, our instructors will develop a training program with individual exercises, which is specially tailored to you. You will feel the difference.

Private lesson  70 € / h

Uncertain about your choice of course?

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